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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Truth about the BCS and Polls

What do you hear about the BCS after last year? "It's broken!" "It doesn't work!" "We need to change it!" "Blah blah playoff blah blah AP blah blah blah blah blah...."

Which of those statements is correct? I'll give you a hint. It's not "blah." Need another? Okay, its not "Playoff." Give up? It's "We need to change it!" It being the BCS. Now I know what you're thinking (or again I will pretend to), and its that what could I possibly know about how to change the BCS. More than you think. I'm going to let you in on my little secret to fixing the BCS. Come close. Closer.

Take the human polls out of the equation!

Now before you leave this blog in disgust. Think about it. Human polls are the only polls in the BCS that are subject to bias. Any nut writer or coach voting in these polls can vote however they want, no matter how off-the-wall it may be. Humans are voting directly in these polls and humans are subject to influence from all corners of the world, from media, to friends, family, alcohol, etc. There's no limit to the influencing factors. We'd all like to think that everyone voting in these polls votes with fair mind and without bias, but to be honest, it's not that way. Not that some coaches and writers don't, I'd say more than 50% do, but to be honest, there are more voting on prettiest helmets than you think.

Computers are the only non-biased polls because they take factors from gameplay and put them into an algorithm, and I'd guess that you'd tell me "But humans write those algorithms." So? As long as the same algorithm is applied to all teams, its fair. Even if there is an error in the algorithm, it's still fair as long as the same algorithm is applied to all teams.

I'll go as far as to say to re-introduce computer polls that take into account margin of victory and strength of schedule (opponents and opponents' opponents) to the BCS. I don't think this ever should have been eliminated from the BCS in the first place. They are valid factors in determining the stregth of a team.

And to debunk the idea that the BCS didn't work last year. Let's look at what the BCS is set up to do. The BCS guarantees that number one plays number two. It doesn't guarantee anything about all undefeated teams playing each other or about undefeated teams having a chance to play for the championship. Lets face it, just because you are undefeated doesn't make you the best team in college football. The BCS is a way to determine which 2 teams are the 2 best in the country (regardless of whether or not they are undefeated), and that is all it is. And thats okay! That's all we need. We don't need a playoff.

If people could understand these simple ideas and the media didn't work everyone up into a frenzy because an undefeated Auburn didn't get to play for a championship, then we wouldn't have the rediculous mess we have now about creating a speacial poll just to keep the BCS alive. Why are we creating a poll? Why aren't we just throwing out the human polls? Because that'll never happen.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Reply To Comment

"Well, clearly I am projecting Florida to be in the Gang of Six based on the introduction of Meyer's system to Gainesville. Since Meyer's offense does all the things I require of it in my explanation..." Read full comment by Heisman Pundit

Oh, I didn't read it as a projection, sorry. If Meyer's system does translate to the Florida team, then it won't gel this year, as we've seen with his previous teams. So it still might be premature.

I don't think it's irrelevant. Spurrier's success doesn't mean Meyer will have the same, but it is a good case that it can happen. To say it's irrelevant is to say that the SEC or the schools contained there-in have no unique style of defense. Remeber 2001 when John Chavis broke out a secret "Prowler Package" defense that confused the Florida O-line? John Chavis could be considered the coordinator of the "finesse defense". He's got true defensive genius. But I'm digressing.

Are you saying that all SEC defenses aren't used to defending the entire field? I'm sure that was what most teams were trying to do against Spurrier-era Florida teams. No SEC teams will beat 4 OOC BCS teams because no SEC team has 4 OCC teams on its schedule, but what is the importance of beating an out of conference BCS team as opposed to an in-conference BCS team? None. I'm pulling out the SEC-is-the-toughest-conference-around (6 top-25 teams (50%; only the big ten gets close with 40%)) card, and you might say that wins against in-conference BCS teams aren't as meaningful because they play each other every year but that's not true for all in-conference games in the SEC. They play teams in the same division every year, but they play three opponents from the opposing division every year also, but not always the same ones. So there's some mix up, but even wins against against same-division teams are meaningful in the SEC.

I don't think familiarity is going to play in as big as you think it is, but I guess that's where opinions are opinions. I believe that the schemes will be important, but that SEC teams have schemes (I sense that you think the SEC is ALL size and speed) as well including some defensive schemes that will work against Florida.

And we haven't even touched on Florida's defense vs. SEC Offenses.

Media + Florida = Babies

Now I know in my introduction, I said I wouldn't write with a Tennessee slant. Yes this article is downing Florida, but I like to think that I'd believe this even if I wasn't a Vols fan. So keep that in mind as you read.

I have been confused as of late. I have noticed that the media have been giving Chris Leak and Florida the love like Florida just got back from duty overseas. Many people talk about Chris Leak as though he's the best quarterback not playing alongside Reggie Bush.

First off I have to take blogger heismanpundit to task on this one. He includes Florida as part of his Gang of six. Now I feel I have a grasp of the principles of his Gang of Six and yet I don't see why Florida belongs in there. They haven't proven that they can run and pass whenever they need to. They have been shutdown but teams not in the gang of six. The only system they're familiar with came from their last coach Ron Zook, and that was riding the not-broad-enough shoulders of Chris Leak.
The most I can attribute it to is their new coach the Urban "Legend" Meyer and his "system". If there's one thing I'm already tired of this year it's Coach Meyer's System. So he spreads the defense out with his recievers and uses motion to catch a slow linebacker in coverage. Big deal. They're still going to have a lot of trouble against good secondaries like Alabama. Though the Tennessee and Georgia might be soaked. LSU is a toss up.

Don't forget while Meyer was coaching Utah they never saw a team from the SEC. They saw one ACC team, a 6-6 North Carolina (who they beat, but big deal). So we really don't know how the system is going to stack up against the SEC yet.

My prediction is that it'll fit in with the rest of the SEC and things will be like "normal". What is normal? Florida won't be brilliant, but they'll have some wins like every year. The Legend and his system aren't going to shake the foundations of the way football is played in the SEC or the south.

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Welcome! For those interested this is my second blog. My first blog is a personal blog. See it here.

I know what you're thinking (or at least I can pretend to) and it's "What is this guy going to offer me that other college football/sports websites can't or won't? I'll tell you.

1) Free Content. Nothing on this blog/website will be locked. No Insider crap, No subscriptions, etc. All Free Content.

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3) Unbaised analysis. Now, I know it's hard to believe that a student at, and a big fan of The University of Tennessee can deliver unbaised information about college football, but I'm not blinded by the Big Orange. I promise.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. I know you will.