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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Media + Florida = Babies

Now I know in my introduction, I said I wouldn't write with a Tennessee slant. Yes this article is downing Florida, but I like to think that I'd believe this even if I wasn't a Vols fan. So keep that in mind as you read.

I have been confused as of late. I have noticed that the media have been giving Chris Leak and Florida the love like Florida just got back from duty overseas. Many people talk about Chris Leak as though he's the best quarterback not playing alongside Reggie Bush.

First off I have to take blogger heismanpundit to task on this one. He includes Florida as part of his Gang of six. Now I feel I have a grasp of the principles of his Gang of Six and yet I don't see why Florida belongs in there. They haven't proven that they can run and pass whenever they need to. They have been shutdown but teams not in the gang of six. The only system they're familiar with came from their last coach Ron Zook, and that was riding the not-broad-enough shoulders of Chris Leak.
The most I can attribute it to is their new coach the Urban "Legend" Meyer and his "system". If there's one thing I'm already tired of this year it's Coach Meyer's System. So he spreads the defense out with his recievers and uses motion to catch a slow linebacker in coverage. Big deal. They're still going to have a lot of trouble against good secondaries like Alabama. Though the Tennessee and Georgia might be soaked. LSU is a toss up.

Don't forget while Meyer was coaching Utah they never saw a team from the SEC. They saw one ACC team, a 6-6 North Carolina (who they beat, but big deal). So we really don't know how the system is going to stack up against the SEC yet.

My prediction is that it'll fit in with the rest of the SEC and things will be like "normal". What is normal? Florida won't be brilliant, but they'll have some wins like every year. The Legend and his system aren't going to shake the foundations of the way football is played in the SEC or the south.

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