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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Blogpoll Roundtable #8

1. We are now 1/3 of the way through the season and things are starting to shake out. With that in mind, who are your picks to win each of the BCS conferences, as well as your choice for an at-large berth from a non-BCS league (none is an option)?

ACC: Va Tech
Big 12: Texas
Big 10: Minnesota
Big East: West Virginia
Pac 10: USC
SEC: Tennessee (call me a homer, t3h Biased, but with Clausen at the helm things will change)
There Won't be an at-large

2. What team currently out of the Top 10 (AP or Coach's, doesn't really matter), has the best chance of ending up in the title game?


3. When you're watching a game, what type of fan can you absolutely not tolerate being around?

Pessimistic type and/or drunken "morans". At Tennessee alcohol is banned from the stadium, but afterwards it looks like an an airplaine-load of airplane bottles has been dropped on the stadium seats. When I work consessions I get so many requests for Large cokes with a little off the top. Most from people whose breath could get a fly drunk. Pessimists just piss me off for their inability to take a awesome win for what it is.

Bonus: A sizable portion of Michigan fandom is in full meltdown mode (myself especially). Some have chosen to sequester themselves for this weekend's game against MSU to avoid scaring children, causing long-term psychological damage to those in the near vicinity, and most especially to avoid jail (I'm not saying this is me per se). Anyways, we need some help. Give us some ideas for replacements for LLLyd Carr (3 L's for the number of losses per year, and no O this year either). Assistant coaches, head coaches elsewhere, etc. Please, give us something to look forward to.

Would you be willing to hire Saban after he eventually jumps the shark in the NFL?