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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Current Thoughts on the Day: Half Time at the Horseshoe

I missed Michigan-ND. I've only seen highlights so I won't say much until I watch my tape. I can say I'm glad to see replay being used to correct errors.

Congrats to Iowa State for showing us that judging a team by it's opening game is often a mistake.

Vick has demonstrated that he might be a better passer than his older brother against duke. He did a great job throwing the ball. with a nice touch on a deep endzone pass that was placed perfectly.

I listened to the first quarter and a half of Georgia-South Carolina, and watched the rest on TV when I got home. Great game. I can't believe USC gave Georgia a run for their money. They improved in both places I noticed as a weakness against Florida Atlantic. Their secondary picked Shockley twice (and the Dawgs returned the favor) and their offensive line gave Blake Mitchell time to throw inside a nice pocket. The defense limited Shockley's effectiveness as well Unfortunately USC had a poor rushing game and couldn't convert for 2 points when they needed to.

Right now it's half time in "The Horseshoe" where the game is turning out to be as good as advertised with a 16-13 OSU lead, and I can't help but feel this game is going exactly as I said it would. After Texas jumped out to a 10-0 lead with great moves by Young on the ground and in the air, Ohio State came in and calmed things down with defensive prowess by A.J. Hawk. OSU is limiting the effectiveness of TU's running game, with A.J. Hawk recovering one fumble, and that is leading to a shakey passing performance of Young who also threw a foolish interception to A.J. Hawk while trying to avoid a sack.

During the half time, I'm trying to get a glimpse of LSU at ASU, and so far they look sharp, but haven't gotten any points on the board with 12:40 to go in the second quarter. ASU is making some stops on the line, so maybe a team with a great front four can slow LSU (Tennessee featuring J. Mahelona). Ooh, ASU continues to give LSU fits, causing and recovering a fumble to kill a 12:00 drive.