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Monday, September 12, 2005

Lookin' Good

How's that for a recovery? After going 3-7 in my week one picks, I turnaround with a 10-1 week 2! Coincidance or skill? I'll make a case with a game by game breakdown of right and wrong

Texas-Ohio State: My pick turned out wrong here resulting in my only loss. But there were some things about how the game was played that I was dead on about. I told you that Ohio State's run defense featuring A.J. Hawk would limit all runners on Texas' offense to under 7 yards-per-carry (YPC). Vince Young had a meager 3.8 YPC. That stable-of-four running backs that share time for Texas? Not one had YPC higher that 2.6, and as a team Texas racked up only 112 yards total. So I was right there. You might think what I was wrong about was when being forced to throw, Young wouldn't throw as comfortably and this would neutralize their passing offense as well. Yet, as late as the third quarter this was true as Young threw interceptions in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. I was even right about Ohio State getting good field position on kick returns though I was wrong that the man who would provide would be Ginn, when it was really Holmes. This was even true in Ohio's passing game where Holmes racked up 4 catches for 73 yards and a touchdown. Ginn? 2 for 9 yards. My most grevious of errors though was in predicting the Ohio State receiving corps to have a banner night and rack up lots of yards and points. In fact, as you saw, Ohio State couldn't take to the house after doing so early in the game. The defense might have won it for them too if the offense's inability to score hadn't kept the defense on the field so long that it grew tired. Tired enough for Young to throw on. So as you see, I came pretty close to having this game called right. But we all know where close counts. It ain't here.

Notre Dame-Michigan: Well my pick here was right. But my game thoughts were wrong as both teams brought the defense and neither offense scored like I thought they would. What in the world? The teams probably swapped places with teams from a parallel universe. I don't know how else to explain that game.

LSU-Arizona State: I picked right here, but it also looked like I was right to pick cautiously. I expressed my doubt about picking LSU since we had yet to see them play, and the game was pretty much just as iffy.

South-Carolina: This was an easy pick for me and it was correct, but I gave South Carolina no chance, which was wrong. Do I chalk it up to Steve Spurrier? Nah, South Carolina always gives Georgia fits.

Virginia Tech-Duke: This was an easy pick, and rightfully so. Vick had a great game just as I said he would. But like I said, this was easy.

Georgia Tech-North Carolina: I put this game in upset watch but said that Georgia Tech would win. Was I right or what? North Carolina made a game of it and pushed the upset, but Georgia Tech won like I said.

Tulsa-Oklahoma: I put this under upset watch just because of how embarrasing Oklahoma looked against TCU. I feel like I was right about this too because Oklahoma still looked bad except when it was in Adrian Peterson's hands.

Army-Boston College; Louisiana Tech-Florida; The Citadel-Florida: These were under "Done Deals" and of course that's exactly what they were.

So what a week eh? I told you. I know college football!