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Sunday, September 11, 2005

My Submitted Week 3 Blogpoll Ballot

1. USC: I actually expect this'll change for me before the season is over. (+/- 0)
2. Texas: Won a big' un (+5)
3. Tennessee: Bye week, default move-up, will beat Florida (+1)
4. Georgia: Weak showing against South Carolina (-2)
5. Virginia Tech: Vick shows us his arm. (+2)
6. Florida: Leak looks great. (+6)
7. Notre Dame: Great showing against Michigan. This program is serious. (+2)
8. LSU: Wins a shootout but only with offensive touchdowns in 1st quarter and in desperation in 4th quarter and a defense that was taken for a ride by ASU's offense. (+/- 0)
9. Ohio State: I think the OSU offense can't even remember what taking it to the house feels like as they didn't do it after the first quarter. (-4)
10. Michigan: Offense choked, even though the defense gave them what they needed. (-7)
11. Purdue: Impressive offense against cream-puff Akron. (+/- 0)
12. Boston College: Second in Acc only to Virginia Tech (+ 6)
13. Louiville: Bye week, default move-up (+1)
14. Georgia Tech: Showed us they are the real deal. (+6)
15. Florida State: Offense gets it legs against The Citadel (+1)
16. Minnesota: Great offense (+3)
17. Iowa State: Who thought a team that struggled against a DIIA team would beat a team that owned a DIA team? (PUR)
18. Alabama: Beat a nice Southern Miss team (+4)
19. Arizona State: Offense and Defense, good. Special Teams, not so good (-6)
20. Fresno State: Beat Webster handily. (-1)
21. California: Who knew Ayoob could dismantle secondaries like that? (+3)
22. Texas Tech: Great offense as usual, get a schedule. (-1)
23. Miami: Bye, Default (+/- 0)
24. Iowa: Caught looking ahead. (-14)
25. Clemson: Two Close calls, Two wins (PUR)

Dropped out: TCU, Oklahoma

Games I saw: Clemson/Maryland (less that a whole quarter in restaurant bar as I check bottom line for Michigan/ND updates), Georgia/South Carolina, North Carolina/Georgia Tech (last quarter), Boise State/Oregon State (less than a quarter), Texas/Ohio State, ASU/LSU (second half)

This ballot has been submitted. If you still want to complain about something you can't change now, feel free to comment.