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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Oklahoma State at Florida Atlantic: Live Blogging

Starting early in the second half: Oklahoma State 13, Florida Atlantic 3

Oklahoma State just tried a triple option and the QB shovel pass went to a fumble. Did he have possesion? Apparently this play was one from the Urban Ledgend.

FAU just had to punt after a big sack on 3rd down. Great return! Flags have canceled so many great runbacks. They get this one too. Careless mistakes take away a 45 yard a return.

Oklahoma State is moving the ball well both ways. Wow, the QB just paid for trying to run with a big hit. FAU forces the punt and almost gets a hand on it with 9 minutes to go.

They just show offensive yardage for both teams and FAU is matching OSU for passing yards but more than 90 yards behind on running yards with -15.

Oops...FAU fumbles. Good thing their defense has been able to stop OSU's offense.

OSU sends out a different quarterback, are they comfortable with a 10 point lead? Now the first quarterback is catching passes from the new one. Ah, OSU is running a two QB system.

Kirk Hirbstreit has no love for a two QB system, he always has something bad to say about it.

Touchdown OSU. The FAU defense has no presence upfront.

FAU comes out running the ball now. They had a couple of good runs but OSU's box is just shutting down the line. FAU QB just ran a great bootleg for a first down and then some.

FAU can't hold on to the football with a fumble making turnover #4.

Embick, the FAU quarterback is an athlete who can scramble and run, maybe better than their running back. Ooh, great run to close the quarter. OSU's defense can't rest for a bit, or FAU will get a score in.

FAU can make this look respectable with a score, and they look like they might. Nevermind, they get stopped.

Sorry I didn't finish...that game got boring and I 'm still setting up my computer after installing Windows XP Pro x64 bit edition.

Thanks HP, I can't believe I was writing Oregon State. How embarrassing!