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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Quarterback Controversy?

As you might have noticed, a lot of entries here are based on things in the college football media that irk me to end. I mean that's why I started this blog. I thought I could do a better job writing about college football than most publications out there. The trend of where I'm coming from on my entries will continue until further notice.

What I currently cannot stand about the college football media is their portrayal of the quarterback "situation" (which is more like a lack thereof). The college football writer I respect the most, Bruce Feldman, described the "situation" as QB woes ("..but if Tenn doesn't fix their QB woes, maybe not" (Insider)). How irresponsible of him. He even went on to devote an entire article in his blog (also insider; scroll to "QB watch: Vols-Gators") to the subject

As I told him, Tennessee doesn't have quarterback woes. They have 2 great quarterbacks. Choosing between Ainge and Clausen is like choosing between white or yellow gold on your championship ring. Right now, Clausen has a little more luster to him and Fulmer has acknowledged that by giving him the start, and I expect, though it's purely speculation, Fulmer won't pull Clausen if he gets two scores on his first two series (or even just one TD if he's moving the ball well).

The QB "situation" couldn't be more rosey, well, unless they still had Schaffer, but then Fulmer would be looking at the situation like Jim Tressel who has to decide which quarterback fits the scheme better. A drop-back-passer has always fit Tennessee better though.

What the media says about this is moot anyway, Tennessee is going to win their big games. Stay tuned for my pics with detailed analysis of the Tennessee-Florida game and others this week.