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Thursday, September 15, 2005

TCU - Utah Liveblog

Welcome to my live blog of the game. It's still pregame right now so there's not much to talk about. They did talk to the Utah coach and they said the night before he made his decision 40 football players came to his home.

They're talking about big games around the nation right now and Mark May (whom I like much) made the point that Tennessee has receivers over 6 feet tall against 5'8'' and 5'11'' Florida corners. Just another reason Tennessee will win that game.

Well I thought this would start at 8, but I was wrong. Just saw two spread option plays by the Utes that neither netted many ways. TCU seems to know how to defend it. We'll see though.

TCU tried option too but the pitch man was surrounded by 5 Utah.

Just watch Utah's tailback deliver a awesome block. He can pick up the blitz like no one's business.

Utah completes a great pass and the Utes' QB shows us an arm followed by a power run by the tailback to stretch out for the TD. Great stuff.

Sorry if my comments are spaced out and iffy. It's tough to do this and work on my picks at the same time

TCU is playing some good defense. They are getting into the backfield and disrupting plays and even defending the pass well. Now that I just type that with 3:45 left in the game they gave up a big play by leaving a zone open for Utah to convert a 3rd down with a complete pass.

Utah may be trying to use the sophisticated spread-option but has some work to do so they can master it. They almost lost it on an option pitch. Now they did lose it on a pass to a receiver who was already at the end of his route and got covered by the safety and a CB.

TCU spread the defense with a four receiver set and a sweep-screen to the weak side. Results in a first down. Now another first down on a hand off. Now eight yards.

Another option pitch for a first down by TCU that was 2-3 yards short of a touchdown because the runner tripped on his own feet. They close that out with a handoff to tie it at 7 to start the second quarter.

I love commercials. "We don't get French benefits?"

TCU needs a kickoff man, and Castille (phonetic spelling...will fix when I see his name) had a great return to near midfield.

Ah Brown, who tripped, tripped because the field had become soft from a storm and the ground was saturated.

Utah has the right QB for this type of offense because he can run, but they just tried a misdirection reverse and it had little gain.

Blatently open receiver and the QB didn't even see him before the play started so he took it as planned for a option-keeper that was short, but they go on 4th and get it with the sneaker.

Haha, the thursday game crew must have some pull because they got Coach Urban Meyer on the phone on a whim.

Another great commercial: "Wendy's gives you all white-meat chicken nuggets...not some unidentified frying object."

Sorry I'm absent so long...I got distracted by a call.

Wow, two bad calls by the crew. First on the incomplete call and then on the review that let the call stand. He clearly had control of that ball before he hit the ground. How unfortunate that TCU can't convert after that and has to punt.


They're showing a Urban Meyer focus as he prepares for Tennessee. Said he has heard about how big a game it is but hasn't really changed his prep.

The Florida players say (not exact quote) "Tennessee doesn't try to hide what they're doing. You know what they're doing and they just dare you to stop it."

Ah, the bad call wasn't a catch. The book says "Loss of the ball simlutaneous to hitting the ground is not a catch, interception, or recovery."

Wow, I haven't been paying attention since I've been working on my picks, but so far it seems like a defensive battle.

Since Utah has gotten the ball they have put together a long drive with passing 7/10 for 6 first downs, and they're on the 3 and the quarterback went on a option, but reversed it right to score! Nice perception of the defensive slide.

Big play for TCU with the screen to Arron Brown for 49 yards down to the 5. TCU can keep the game alive but they need to score on this series to stay in it.

And they do with a sweep by the tailback. Nice block by number 47.

Ooh. It would have been big if Utah lost it there. Close, but not close enough!

Wow. Johnson, the Utah quarterback took a hit and the hitter went down but Johnson was still up.

I would have thought Utah would score, but they have to punt and make a stupid mistake of hitting the fair catch.

The fair catch was technically invalid as the rule book says "one hand only"

TCU is having success with the option because of all the man defense being played by Utah. They've also hinted at a spread flavored offense that they haven't used yet this year.

Tie game with a field goal

Crazy possesion changes. Utah is lucky TCU dropped the ball on that same play got a new first down. Too bad they wasted it with a sack.

TCU wasted their opportunity and Utah is moving the ball 12 yards for a first down.

TCU's defense is giving Utah fits, but the reverse is true too. Will somebody's offense do something?

What was TCU doing? They were willing to try and draw utah offsides but not run the play and so you waste a timeout? Bungle...could be an expensive one.

Utah looks like they're settling down to get the job of putting TCU away with a score done. Yes its still a tie, but TCU only has one more score left and if Utah scores then TCU would have to get a touchdown and a 2 point conversion. I don't think they can.

3rd and 3 and they can't get it with the option. Credit to TCU's defensive speed to the outside.

3rd and 11 for TCU and if they have to punt Utah will have the ball at midfield. They didn't get it but they got enough yards to punt the ball far enough so Utah wouldn't be able to go the distance for a fieldgoal.

Nope, punt downed at the 50.

Utah may not be able to get within fieldgoal range anyway. An underthrow and a run for no gain bring up 3rd down.

4th down and Utah will be punting. I bet TCU will go 3 and out before time runs out and utah might do the same before TCU runs the clock out and we go to overtime.

As soon as I posted the above, TCU had a big play by Aaron Brown to midfield. I can't believe he's a feshman.

4th down from 45 with 1:17 to go. Utah has all their timeouts. This is working out to be a good game.

1:07 left. Wow, Aaron brown has had 17 carries for 187 yards!

If you want to move the ball downfield, don't throw for 4 yards.

Looks like a clock bungle. The receiver was definately out of bounds, he was never on the ground. Bad job. Utah had to waste a timeout and lost lots of time anyway.

Oops. Can't take a sack. They had to waste a timeout again instead of getting the first down with just a yard rush. Late stopping the clock so finally Utah finally gets...2 seconds? The refs give them just 2 seconds after all that mess?!

TCU takes a time out to try and block a punt. If they don't do any thing with this, its overtime. And they caught the ball?! So they have to take a knee. Overtime!

Utah is neutralized on their first overtime attempt. TCU gets a chance.

Herbie made an interesting point. Why not change the rules to start from the 40 or midfield so that a team has to move the ball some to get in fieldgoal range? This might cut down on the really really long over times (some going for 5 or 6 "innings")

TCU is at the 7! First and goal TCU! They could end Utah's streak here.

3rd and goal. Can they do it?

Ugh, I just finished my picks.

TCU wins with a touchdown pass! The streak is over! Great game. Unbelievable. I'm glad I tuned in for this one.

TCU: giant killers? Comment and let me know.