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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Was I right or was I wrong?

Well, things ain't so pretty for me after week 1. Let's look at the record.


What?! I did that bad? I guess it didn't help with my saturday morning jump onto the Boise State bandwagon. I may have picked many games the wrong way, but I picked the game right. I know you're thinking, "Whaddaya mean?" Let me explain.

I picked Texas A&M over Clemson, yes it was wrong there, but didn't I tell you all it would be a great game to watch because it would be a shootout. Who had ya there? What was more exciting then that last second fieldgoal kick? Nothing. I don't care how many your kicker has made in a row, those babies can be anywhere, and they always have you biting your nails to shreds.

I picked Miami over Florida State. Wrong again, but I knew it would be the offensive struggle it was. Both first time starter quarterbacks couldn't get their offense going to save their lives and it was a snooze fest.

I called Virginia Tech over North Carolina. I was so right about Vick.

I was wrong about Auburn over Georgia tech, but being wrong there helped my overall thesis about these teams. Again, neither will play a lead role in the Big Picture. Auburn doesn't because they got beat by Georgia Tech, and Georgia Tech doesn't because they can't run the table and there's no hype there anyway.

I was crazy to switch from Georgia to Boise State. I did this saturday morning which should have been my first sign to me that I am indeed nuts. I don't care how much scheme a team like Boise State has, you have to execute it. Once Shockley and his boys rattled Boise's cage a little, they cowered like the small fries they are. Why didn't I stick with my original pick!? Sorry, folks, I was all wrong here.

I called UCLA-San Diego State even, and it wasn't an upset, so I was wrong on that account.

Louiville-Kentucky wasn't as close as the score made it look so I had this one.

Tennessee-UAB was closer than anyone thought it would be, so maybe I had a little premonition when I placed this game in the upset watch.

Bowling Green was far from a sure thing once Wisconsin had thier running game rolling. All wrong here.

And West Virginia beat Syracuse. I picked that one out of left field anyway and used a rhyme to rationalize my pick. I should of known better.

But as you can see, despite my horrid 3-7 start for week 1, I do know some things about this grand ball game that is College Football. Sorry this is my first post since Saturday, I've been kinda busy lately. Stay tuned Folks.