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Friday, September 02, 2005

Week 1: Saturday is the Real Labor Day

It's that time: Time for the I Know College Football Week 1 Picks!

I Know College Football Game of the Week.

Let me first familiarize you with how I pick the game of the week. It's simple. The game of the week is the game that is going to be most exciting and entertaining to watch.

This week's Game of the Week is Texas A&M at Clemson University.

We're looking at a real shootout here. Clemson is going to try to show that turnabout is fair play, after they were defeated last year to get knocked out of the top 25. Texas A&M is going to try to show that they deserve to stay there this year. Senior quarterbacks Reggie McNeal and Charlie Whitehurst are both going to have their respective offenses firing on all cylinders. There are going to be plenty of points on both sides, but I believe Texas A&M is truly a top 10 team and they're going to show it here.

I Know College Football Marquis Matchups

First we have Miami University at Florida State University.

This game is exactly opposite the game of the week (which is why it's not the game of the week) in that this game is going to be highly defensive. Both quarterbacks are making their first collegiate starts. Florida State's quarterback is a freshman while Miami's is a sophomore. I believe this pays because Florida State's quarterback will lose his poise in the "Big Game" atmosphere. Because of this, and because of Miami's far supurior defense, Miami has this game by late 3rd quarter.

Virginia Tech will be paying a visit to North Carolina State.

There's a lot of hype around this game because of one thing. The starting quarterback for Virgina Tech shares the last name and the genes of one very style-defining QB, but you didn't need me to tell you that. This game is on the upset watch because while Marcus can run, NC State has one of the top defensive lines in the country. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Vick wins this one for Tech anyway. He will turn heads come gameday.

Georgia Tech at Auburn

A lot of people think this game means something in the Big Picture, but they're wrong. Neither team will be a contender this year. That being said, the obvious will happen. Auburn walks away a winner by far.

Boise State at Georgia

I know I already picked this game if you read this article earlier but I'm going to change my mind and go the other way.

I now believe that Boise State will defeat Georgia. After reading up on Boise State my mind has shifted. Now I know I'm always downing the worship of "scheme teams" (as perpitrated by Heisman Pundit, but I believe Boise State has something. How could you not pick them after reading the ESPN story on their preparations for the Dawgs. Add this baby to the I Know College Football Upset Roll Call.

I Know College Football Upset Roll Call

Boise State at Georgia

Boise State goes to Georgia and returns a winner.

UCLA at San Diego State

Interesting chance for UCLA to lose one here and the home team (and crowd) knows it. This one is the best chance for upset this week. San Diego will take a shot with Lynell Hampton who is making a return after being redshirted over a broken ankle from late two seasons ago. Could go either way.

Louiville at Kentucky

Kentucky's battle cry here is "Remeber 2002!" While onthe Upset Roll Call, don't expect anything.

UAB at Tennessee

This should probably be part of Sure Things, but there's been a lot of talk about UAB's awesome quarterback and Tennessee's dismal secondary and how none of the cornerbacks scare away a pass from Darrell Hackney. Sorry to burst bubbles but this is even less likely than Kentucky beating Louiville.

I Know College Football Sure Things

Bowling Green at Wisconsin

You may or may not have expected this one here, but I'm calling Bowling Green a sure thing. BCS busters have to make their victims some where and Wisconsin is prime pray as a very stagnate program.

West Virginia at Syracuse

What can I say? The Orangemen in their home dome will own the Mountaineers. (sorry)