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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Week 6: Return to Glory

Just as the Tennessee Volunteers have returned, so I return. And without further delay, here are my picks for Week6.

I Know College Football Game of the Week

For those uninitiated, this is the best game in terms of entertainment value.

This week's Game of the Week is Michigan at Michigan State.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how a game pitting a visting 2-2 Michigan team that has stuttered, no, collapsed offensively against a Michigan State team with a stellar offense featuring Heisman candidate Drew Stanton can be called the Game of the Week. Rest assured, this game will be entertaining (unless you cheer for big blue, you guys turn it off). Since when is it not entertaining to watch a offensive behemoth terrify their opponents? I have to be honest here, I want Michigan to win, just because I feel so bad for their fans (I know what it's like).

If Michigan wants a piece of this game, and believe me, they do, then they'll have to start early. Their offense will have to miraculously be firing on all cylinders. The only way Michigan wins is to keep up with MSU's score and hope to have the ball last. I doubt it will happen though. MSU wins this one.

I Know College Football Marquis Matchups

USC at Arizona State

It is this week that USC meets what I would call their greatest challenge yet.,and probably the best Passing team they'll face this season as well. They also meet their match, in terms of school colors that is.

But who are we kidding? ASU might be those things, but it doesn't matter. USC is still a better passing team than the best passing team they'll face. USC could win this one even if they didn't have a defense, but they do. So they'll win easily and my hopes for USC getting knocked off their throne will be one more game less of having a chance.

Florida at Alabama

If you asked me which team had the best chance of being upset this week: Michigan State, USC, Virginia Tech, or Florida, then I would have to answer Florida. If for no other reason, this is the SEC. Okay, okay, I'll give you better reasons.

The defensive backfield for Alabama is one of the better in the nation and 7th in overall defense (though that number may lie a bit since they gave up 237 yards to Arkansas). Anthony Madison is going to be in Chad Jackson's face all night and that might be enough to slow him down. They have to since he's had 401 yards and six touchdowns in this season so far, but I believe they can.

Alabama is trying to make their case for being back in college football's elite. A 4-0 program this year needs this win to do that, and they players know it, and that is going to put them on their top game, which I belive is enough to beat Florida.

Virginia Tech at West Virginia

Let me start by telling you that this is not going to be like anything like Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech. Fortunately for West Virginia they're at home. Unfortunately for West Virginia, Marcus Vick is on the other team. This will be a close game, but Vick will be the difference.

Minnesota at Penn State

In this third week 6 game of Maroon/Crimson/etc. against a team in a shade of blue, we have two things. Penn State is everything you think it is, a mediocre team that is only undefeated because they have yet to play a real opponent. Minnesota is also what you think it is, a good team that due to little preseason hype is fighting its way up the rankings, and doing so with big wins. Minnesota is going to win this just because Penn State likes to give the ball away on offense (4 times last week), and that won't work against these Golden Gophers.

Notre Dame at Purdue

One thing is obvious to me here. Notre Dame wins. 6th passing defense in the nation against 61st passing team who relies on passing as their MO to win. Though if I were really two people. and one of those two people was more like Corso, then I might say,"Not so fast my...self?" Whatever, the point is Notre Dame gave up good yardage against Washington, though they managed to stop the scores. Purdue is a better offense than Washington (though the overtime may demonstrate that they can't done when it matters, but I'd say Minnesota is just a better team). And ND had defensive success against Michigan, but Michigan's offense ain't so hot, as was previously thought. So, that said, we may be looking at a shootout, but only if Purdue's quarterback Brandon Kirsh can be accurate and the recievers don't drop balls. History says that doesn't happen, so I'm going to go with Notre Dame.

I Know College Football Upset Roll Call

Florida at Alabama

Alabama wins. See Marquis Matchups above.

LSU at Mississippi State

You're thinkin' "Yeah Right," but hear me out. LSU is coming off a short week, they are emotionally drained, flat, and it's road game, and MSU gave Georgia trouble. Oh yeah, this is the SEC where being "tough" on top of all that can tip the balance in your favor, but will Les Miles let his team go in unprepared? No. LSU wins.

Florida Atlantic at Louisville

After last week, I had to put this here, but Louisville hates non-major Florida teams so much at this point, they'll actually slaughter Fla Atlantic.

I Know College Football Done Deals

Ole Miss at Tennessee

Tennessee is a 22 point favorite, but I'm saying by 30.

Ball State at Boston College

Boston College has been waiting for a easy one.

Iowa State at Nebraska

Haha, as a Tennessee fan, I find this hilarious.

Florida State at Syracuse

Poor Orangemen.