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Saturday, October 01, 2005

4:30 Update

It's 9:15 let in the second quarter and right now, and I have to say it looks like I may have been right about Alabama's defense. Right now Florida only has 1 yard recieving yard and 0 points. Check that, Leak just completed his second of eight total passes so they have more recieving yards. Leak

And we have an early surprise as ASU leads USC 7-0 on a punt return and they put USC in a 4th down situation after starting on ASU's 13. Leinart was sacked on 3rd and 6. So far, USC looks like they haven't taken ASU prepartation seriously and they appear out of sync. They settled for a field goal.

Alabama scores on a 65-yard pass, that way really more yards after the catch than air.

Right now there are surprises brewing but remember, this could all change before the games are over.