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Monday, October 03, 2005

On the up and up

I had a good past weekend picking 9-3! Where was I right? Where was I wrong?

Michigan-Michigan State: Well my pick was wrong, but I got what I wanted
(a Michigan win). Michigan did the way I said they would have to. Their offense clicked and got an early lead that I said they would need. They even managed to out-pace MSU scoring. I said they would have to hope to have the ball last and they may of not had it last, but they did have a chance to put it away on their last drive of regulation-play, though they didn't make it. Congrats to the Wolverines and their fans.

USC-Arizona State: My pick was right, but I was plumb wrong about it being easy for USC.

Florida-Alabama: This was probably like my "pick of the week". I had commented about Alabama's great secondary and that their defense 7th in nation while neglecting to mention that Florida was 5th nationally in defense. The reason being that Florida had yet to face an offensive test (even though I'm a Tennessee fan, I'd be crazy to say that they are an offensive test). Tennessee had already shown the nation that a good defense can stop the maturing Meyer offense under leak (they're still working on it though!). Alabama took that knowledge into the game and between that and the high-powered offensive attack of Alabama, Florida couldn't even score a touchdown. I knew Bama would win, but not like that.

Virginia Tech-West Virginia: Picked right here, but I was wrong in saying that this game would be close.

Notre Dame-Purdue: I was right again. I knew that ND pass defense would shutdown Purdue, and given the opportunity ND's offense took it and was awesome. Even the second team offense scored.

Minnesota-Penn State: Blatent wrongness here. Minnesota may not be what I thought they were and Penn State is definately not what I thought they were.

LSU-Mississippi State: I gave you all the reasons Mississippi State could win, but said LSU would. It wasn't even a question in the end.

Florida Atlantic-Louisville: When I placed this game under Upset Roll Call it was really just a joke as you noticed and Louiville did just as I said they would.

Ole Miss-Tennessee: After the first quarter Tennessee could hardly score again (not until the 4th), but Tennessee's amazing Defense didn't let Ole Miss get anywhere. Ole Miss was actually -19 yards rushing on the day until late in the 4th when they broke a 50 yarder. I was way wrong in calling for a 30 point Tennessee victory.

Iowa State-Nebraska: Iowa State didn't pay attention to Nebraska and paid the price. I was wrong with this pick, and this was anything but a done deal.

Ball State-Boston College, Florida State-Syracuse: Just as expected.